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clinker bricks, fasade clinker , road clinker and other
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cloister brick
 cloister brick 
cloister brick. Burnt with carbon. Produced formats: on order. Colour: it reddens tints until to graphite. From heating and meringues (according to order). Side surface: smooth, sandblasted, modyfied, from imprints of fingers (according to ... 
full clinker brick
 full clinker brick 
full clinker brick. Format: 25 x 12 x 6,5 cm. Sorted according to colours (however with tints - "bunrt with carbon" effect). Use: the facades the, walls, the decorations of interiors, reconstruction and renovation of architecture. (If you are person ... 
glazed bricks
 glazed bricks 
Glazed bricks. Format: 250 x 120 x 65 mm. Burnt with carbon in periodical stoves. Glazed with salt. Colours: tints of bronze. Produced with clinker clay . Resistance on grip: from 25 N / mm2. Water-absorbs: 2-4%. Frost-proof. Produced as full bricks ... 
the renovation and reconstruction (on basis of examples or drafts) moulding ceramic ( clinker) 
pavement clinker
 pavement clinker 
pavement clinker, burnt with carbon. Format: 250 x 120 x 65 mm and 220 x 100 x 65 mm. Resistance on grip: 65 - 35 N / mm2, water-absorbs: below 3 %. Frost-proof. Accessible colours: black / graphite, reddens tints / shaded mix (on survey). 
Rose window. Catherine window
 Rose window. Catherine window 
We offer the reconstructions of historical window systems ( sacred architecture, manor-houses and monasteries ): Gothic rosettes and elements (particularly characteristic of Gothic architecture) Dimensions according to order. 
Saltglazed herringbone historic clinker brick
 Saltglazed herringbone historic clinker brick 
Replica of historic salt glazed clinker brick. It is a replica of the facade brick most popular in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century. Brick Color: brown shaded. With a special setting bricks in the kiln after firing bricks (brick is ... 
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1 
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