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hand-made floor plate
Hand made floor plate.
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brick plates
 brick plates 
The brick plates. Highest quality hand made ( the usual building brick be produced from the same clay ). Prepared clay plates these be moulded from strand suitably by hand. The effect of hand work assures plates unique invoice, however coal baking ... 
cloister plate
 cloister plate 
The cloister plates, moulded by hand from strand the clay. this floor plate designed mainly to renovation of church floors and monastic. Plates these characterize first of all with large sizes (produced in series: 30 x 30 x 4 cm. Others formats on ... 
floor hexagonal plate handmade
 floor hexagonal plate handmade 
Floor hexagonal plate (small). Produced from loess-clay near use of moulds from wood. Burnt in stove Hoffmann's. Resistance on pressure: from 10N / mm2. Frost-proof. Plate this with regard on one's proprieties (relatively large water-absorbs: ... 
garden plate handmade
 garden plate handmade 
Garden plate, rectangular. Produced near use from wood moulds. Burnt in stove Hoffmann's. Colour: sand-cherry ( burnt in the lowest part of stove). Resistance pressure: from 15 N / mm2. Frost-proof. 
Handmade clay tiles glazed
 Handmade clay tiles glazed 
Ceramic floor / walls tiles glazed,  molded by hand. Tiles surface - rustic, typical for manual production. The color and shade of the ceramic glaze - on request. Produced sizes: custom from 5x5cm to 30x30cm. Shape: square, rectangular, ... 
 octangular handmade plate 
Octangular handmade floor tiles, custom size. Coal fired in Hoffmann's Kiln. Frost-proof. 
square plate handmade
 square plate handmade 
Square plate. Produced with use woods form. Burnt with carbon (Hoffmann's stove). Resistance on pressure: from 10 N / mm2. Frost-proof. 
Traditional ceramic floor tiles
 Traditional ceramic floor tiles 
Ceramic floor tiles traditional hand molded with rustic surface. Color: brick red colored heavily shaded from bright orange to the blue reduced - original coal fire! Ceramic plates are made of pure clay, without chemical admixtures, etc. This ... 
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 
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