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Historical building materials  from demolitions of old buildings. Materials these (reclaimed roof tiles, bricks, clinker, glazed masonry, floor tiles, iron, wood and many others)  are in professional way regained, thanks what they can be used again. The utilization in architecture the historical materials is the not only worldwide building trend, but manifest of individualism, connoisseurs which value with's to me the skill of fusion of modernism and history

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demolitions bricks
 demolitions bricks 
demolitions brickcleaned from primes ground, different dimensions. done by hand and by machinery. burnt with carbon. different colours. packed up on palettes dimensions, price, colours and the quantity: on question 
floor board
 floor board 
vintage floor board (Pine) dimensions, price, the quantity: on question 
floor board
 floor board 
floor boardbiting from pine beams dimensions, price, the quantity: on question 
into practice
 into practice 
the examples of uses of demolitions materials in present building art 
oak beams
 oak beams 
Vintage oak beams. the dimensions of, price, the quantity: on question 
pine beams
 pine beams 
vintage pine beams. the dimensions of, price, the quantity: on question 
Reclaimed brick colours yellow - pink - rose
 Reclaimed brick colours yellow - pink - rose 
Historic brick from demolition in a unique, warm colors: yellow, bright red clay in a delicate melange. Reclaimed Brick is ideal for exterior building facades , decoration of interior walls and other arrangements.(machine is manufactured before ... 
reclaimed furniture
 reclaimed furniture 
Made to order from reclaimed wood (oak, pine) stylish furniture. All the furniture - beds, tables, benches, chairs, bookcases, shelves, furniture sets - are made according to individual projects.  Delivery time (depending on the ... 
reclaimed roof tiles
 reclaimed roof tiles 
 Historical reclaimed roof tiles. Machinery made clay roof tiles and original hand-made terracotta roof tiles. Reclaimed roof tiles are cleaned of mortar and packed on pallets. In offer: plain tiles (handmade and machin-made); ... 
floor plates Made from vintage, demolitions tiles. dimensions, price, the quantity: on question 
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products) Result Pages:  1 
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